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10 October
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Hi! I'm Mandy I live in Norwich but I grew up in Lowestoft. I really enjoy going out dancing and having a good time with my friends. I love to spend time getting glamed up to go out, putting hair falls in and wearing very high platform boots and shoes from my very vast collection.

I mainly go out in Norwich but do like going out in London too and try to get to Slimelight every few months.

I am an alternative model and welcome friend requests from other models, photographers & MUS's. Therefore, please contact me if you are interested in working together so we can arrange it. I have boxes full of hair falls, cyberlox and wigs, a wall length wardrobe of clothes including lots of 22' corsets, various goth, alternative, cyber and high street labels and I also have lots of pairs of boots and shoes, many of which are platforms and fetish styles. Therefore most looks or styles can be easiy achieved.

I'd love to meet meet people who share the same interests as me and would like to be friends. Any photographers looking to expand their portfolio and willing to help me expand mine as well as alternative models & performers I will find insperational.

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